Human Resource is a critical component in the well-being ofany organization, in any business, large or small. Current Industrial and organizational psychology focuses on Leadership to Supporter and Contingency backed up plans. Beside Work-Life balance and Talent Management, Social HR is aimed at aligning and transforming predictable results in organization’s business goals and objectives.

From the HR perspective, Boundaryless organizations is one of the most effective, result oriented conceptalong with other process such as recruiting, managing, assessing, developing and maintaining employees. As every organization's key success depends on employee’s expertise and MANAGEABILITY. At present Baby Boomers and Millennials plays THE ROLE OF an important key game changer. Emphasizing on HR competencies of multicultural environment, thetechnology utilization to perform collaboration, elevate complexity of legal compliance, demonstrating Return on Investment (ROI).

Predictive Analytics requires HR to Recognize as a critical ladder to develop business strategies along withRetention Strategies. And Hawthorne Effect techniques is to compete strategic goals and Social Collaboration to achieve common organizational goals.


Forscher Technology Solutions combines industry experience with technological resources to manage business risks and help in defining organization’s needs and expectations. Our Human Resource Consulting Practice is dedicated exclusively to human capital management. Our team at Forscher(team have an established track record for delivering innovative and effective HR Outsourcing Solutions Services and HR Consulting Solutions Services to companies around the globe.

    • Competency Modeling
    • Executive Coaching and Mentoring
    • Instructional Design (professionals with deep understanding on how employee learn, and get skilled and helping them to learn better and function more efficiently).
    • Transformational Leadership.
    • Design, Development and Conduct Leadership Competency with Learning Programs and Workshops.
    • Identifying technical Skills as appropriate for an Organization and Developing a Human Capital Index and a complete Performance Measurement Process commencing from Performance Planning, Reviews to Appraisal.

Forscher Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd brings individual business technical coaching as it is the fastest and most effective way to improve your business. We meet with your business coach frequently to evaluate your business methodically, strategize best way to extract maximum results, and execute your plan of action, with focus and determination, concurrent to all leadership assessments, industry benchmarking and business evaluations.


Forscher Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd connects and makes HR jobs tranquil with approachable and speedy resolutions for critical component in every organization, which saves on costs, time, effort and retention. And as all otherorganizations fundamentally requirements is to sustain leadership talent and execute different strategy approaches. Consequently, Forscher Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd ensures a balanced supply of leaders in an organized way where an HR is aimed to do- drive business solutions and its results.


High performance organizations demands highly talented employees and most importantly, determined staff to handle those high talented employees in business which purely rests on Human Resources management techniques. Along with handling high talented employees, business giants will have to concur that the HR Team, plays a vital role for achieving business goals. Every performing employee is an Asset to the organization, while the other is nonebut a liability.

That’s why we at Forscher, assist you with the explicit assets for your business. Forscher would humbly wish to play a major role in your organization’s vision of acquiring the skillful talent from the job seekers market and retaining the best performing employees in your organization, which would be a supporting key factors for your organization’s vision for growth and we vow to be of the greatest assistance to your organization from acquiring new experts for your team and talent grooming for your organization.

Forscher Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd is an Agile Organization, where we stay focused and synchronized with all current trends, approaches, assessments, technology, mechanism, and co-location and multicultural environment. We get involved with Developmental counseling andKnowledge transfer between employees for future responsiveness and recognize weaknesses among the organization and employees as well as providing a framework and timeline for improving their technical ability which essentially benefit any organizationHR critical component.

Benchmarking thefunctions in a diversity of activities and strategic responsibility for human resources. Focusing on significant technique .,

  • Blended workforce (comprised of permanent full-time, part-time, temporary employees and independent contractors).
  • Co-Employment
  • Knowledge Management
  • Job Ready Program for graduating engineers and fresher’s
  • Job Oriented Program for New and experienced IT Professionals currently working with corporate.
  • Alignment is Essential to Effective Performance and Profitability.
  • Integrate HR with Operating Strategy.

Forscher Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd implements tools to evaluate employee job performance to help and outline the organization of the human resource department. The conclusion of employee evaluations can will help the strategy to align with organizational goals, connect new training mandates to communicate job responsibilities, vision and mission, and as well as it KPIs of the total environment of the workplace.

      • Balanced scorecard will measure four areas of business: internal business processes, financial performance, customer knowledge, and learning, and development & growth.
      • Technical Performance reviews for fresh graduates with soft skill development.

Forscher Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd uses this Strategically HR model to support and focus on technical development of an exceptional functional and outstanding productivity to have a Win-Win situation .